Long Distance Relationships

In today’s world where everyone is busy with work, school or other things it becomes hard to meet someone in real life. More and more people are using online dating sites or other sites where they can meet new people. Sometimes, they fall in love with those people and even though they live far away they try to have a long distance relationship. Can long distance relationships work or are they doomed to failure? People have different opinions about it; some say it works, and some say that it does not work. I am going to mention some negative and positive aspects of long distance relationships which are freedom, trust, cost and distance.

 Even though most people think long distance relationships cannot work there are some positive aspects of it. Firstly, “it gives more time for yourself”. Being in a long distance relationship allows you to have more time for yourself. You can do all the things that you want to do and you have more freedom even though you are in a relationship. Secondly, people in long distance relationships trust each other more than people in non-long distance relationships. When you are in a long distance relationship you have to trust your partner completely, in order to make the relationship work.


Along with the positive aspects of long distance relationships there are also some negative aspects of them. Firstly, long distance relationships can get expensive. In order to see your partner you have to pay for the bus, train or plane ticket which can be expensive, especially if you live far away from your partner and if you are still a student. Secondly, there is a “fear of your partner cheating or being unfaithful”. In a long distance relationship you are not with your partner a lot and therefore you do not see what they are actually doing. There is always a possibility that your partner will cheat on you and that is why trust is very important.

ImageOn one hand, “distance can make the heart grow fonder”. When you do not see your partner for a longer period of time it makes you appreciate the little things more. You appreciate hugging, kissing and spending time with your partner more than you would in a non-long distance relationship. On the other hand, you miss your partner a lot. In a long distance relationship you cannot be with your partner a lot and therefore you miss them. Missing them and not seeing them so often can have a negative impact on the relationship and can also lead to a break up.

As with any relationship, long distance relationships have negative and positive aspects. When two people really want to be together then no distance or time is big enough to tear them apart. Long distance relationships do take more effort and energy but in the end when you close the distance it is all worth it.


About katjajakup

I am Katja and I am 20 years old. I come from a very small country, called Slovenia and I am currently a student of English and Sociology.
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